10 Tips for Choosing the Right Maui Home


December 11, 2015

Choosing a new home can be overwhelming, whether you’re concerned about getting lost in comparisons or so emotionally swept up in the process that you make an impulsive decision you might not be happy with later on down the line. With that in mind, we’d like to give you some helpful tips for choosing the right Maui home.

1. Make a list of your priorities. Sit down and take some time to think about which features matter most, like size, location, etc. Do you need a certain number of bedrooms, or a workspace? Is a garage important? Do you enjoy a lot of space from your neighbors, or something more tight-knit. These kinds of questions are worth asking yourself so you don’t get lost in the experience and forget your priorities.

2. Consider the different types of housing available. A single-family home may be ideal for someone who enjoys privacy, but not someone who would rather avoid maintenance duties. On the other hand, a condo may be well suited to those who travel often, but not so well suited to those who don’t like sharing walls with neighbors.

3. Let your excitement run its course. If you find a place that thrills you initially, there’s no point in fighting it. Instead, ride out your emotions, be in the moment, and pay attention to how the place makes you feel. Once the excitement cools down, you can focus on practical considerations.

4. Consider leaving extra room to grow. Especially if you might have a family in the future, or you might have some of your existing family come to live with you in the future. You never know where life might take you, and keep in mind that it’s easier to deal with too much space than too little space.

5. Evaluate the neighborhood. Do you like the area? Is it safe and up to your standards? Are the necessities located at a distance that you’re comfortable with? If you will be working, consider any commute you might have to make. Depending on the area, it can take a while to get between work and home even here on Maui.

6. Consider both old and new properties. Of course new homes have their charms, but old homes can be full of character and interesting upgrades or add-ons that new homes don’t have yet.

7. Take photos. Yes, there are plenty of photos included in online Maui real estate listings, but it doesn’t hurt to snap pictures of the features that grab your attention. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t forget those little details as you continue to explore one property after another.

8. Check out the storage space. It’s easy to evaluate the parts of a home that are in plain sight, but don’t forget to check out what’s behind those cupboard and closet doors. Make sure there’s no hidden damage, and that you’re satisfied with the overall storage space.

9. First, think home, not investment. There’s plenty of time to consider the value of the property in terms of investment, but that can take a lot of the joy out of buying a new place to live. Make sure you enjoy the place too! Do you think you could see it as a home that you love coming back to? It can end up a dry experience if you buy for value alone and feel little attachment to your new home.

10. Be flexible. Consider the possibilities of each property and what makes it unique. Look at the layout of each home and consider the possible ways to use it, even if it wasn’t the kind of thing you initially envisioned for yourself. You may find a whole host of possibilities that end up enriching your life in a deep, meaningful way.

Mahalo, and good luck!

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