At the crossroads where Central and Upcountry Maui meet, begins the journey through Maui’s North shore communities of Paia, Haiku, and Huelo. Known for long reaching white sand beaches, lush green landscape, world class windsurfing, and much more, North Maui is paradise for those looking to enjoy a more “natural” experience on Maui.

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Traveling the road leading into Paia from Central Maui, you will first pass through the small neighborhood of Spreckelsville. An important Sugar route during the plantation days of old Hawaii, Spreckelsville has since become an enclave of prime Maui beachfront property tucked well away from the main road leading to Paia. Take a moment to explore this neighborhood and you will find two secluded beaches hidden away at either end of the neighborhood; one of which (known as “Baby Beach” by locals) has its beautiful white sand fronted by a shallow reef which calms the North Shore waves, making for a great beach experience for young and old alike.


As you make your way further down the coastline to historical Paia Town, it quickly becomes apparent that there is much more to enjoy on the north shore than the beautiful beaches of Sprecks. Similar to Makawao Town in Upcountry Maui, Paia Town is another of Maui’s well preserved districts. With a decidedly laid back vibe, a trip through Paia Town is best taken when time is NOT of the essence. Comprised of two intersecting streets lined with historical buildings dating back to the old plantation days, Paia Town is the place to be if you’re looking for boutique local leisure attire and jewelry, healthy groceries, and great eats on the North Shore.


As you journey deeper into the North Shore, you’ll soon come across one of the island’s most acclaimed seafood restaurants: Mama’s Fish House. Known for its delicious fresh seafood prepared to perfection, Mama’s is a “must experience” if you consider yourself to be a seafood connoisseur. Steps away from some of the best seafood on Maui, is one of the best windsurfing spots in all of Hawaii, if not the world: Hookipa. A Mecca for experienced windsurfers the world over, Hookipa is known for its perfect combination of powerful winds and well placed natural shore breaks creating big waves perfect for competition level windsurfing. For those less inclined to enter the water, there is an observation point just above Hookipa beach which allows for spectators to enjoy the action and beautiful North Shore views from the safety of the parking lot.


After enjoying the (wind)surf at Hookipa, head down the road and you’ll come to a crossroad: Haiku or Huelo? Turn off Hana Hwy. onto the aptly named Haiku Road and you will find some of the island’s best tropical living in the town of Haiku. Stretching from the North Shore all the way up to the Upcountry town of Makawao, Haiku takes cues from Paia’s plantation style architectural influences, dotting uniquely designed ocean view homes amongst a lush tropical landscape. The result is a wonderfully tropical living experience that is still not too far from the city center of Central Maui.


If instead, you decided to continue down Hana Highway, you will pass through the bottom of Haiku and arrive into the stretch of tropical coastline known as Huelo. Running along the North Shore out to East Maui, Huelo brings together lush green rainforest, hidden waterfalls and hiking trails, and, for those seeking the utmost privacy, secluded upscale homes on the edge of the island. With cliff faces giving way to hidden private beaches, coves, and dive spots, Huelo is a very special place that really must be experienced to appreciate.
There’s so much more to discover throughout North Maui so start your journey today, or contact a real estate agent at the Maui Luxury Real Estate Team​ to ensure your journey lasts a lifetime.