Whether you are keeping an eye for your next Hawaii real estate investment or on the hunt for home sweet home, browsing the Maui MLS search can be overwhelming for those who are not well versed with the lingo, processes, and current real estate market trends. As expert Maui realtors specializing in multi-million dollar homes for sale, beachfront property listings, and other Maui luxury real estate, we have put together some information to help guide you to your Hawaiian island dream home!

Maui Information

Want to get a better idea of the island you are planning on making your home? From upcoming events, local area schools your kids can go to and all the local Maui restaurants in between, we have an assortment of island information collected to help you make an educated real estate decision. Whether you are looking for the best area to settle down in for you and your family or you’re curious if there is enough recreation to give a good return on your vacation rental property investment, this guide will surely provide you with all the facts and statistics that you are looking for!

Condo & Apartment Information

And while knowing all about Maui is definitely beneficial when it comes to real estate, if you are planning on purchasing a Hawaii condo for sale then we recommend getting to know all your options. With detailed information on the apartment building, right down to the condo resort amenities, you can expect to know everything about the condominium community or apartment complex that you are thinking of buying into.

Long Term Rentals

Hoping to make a true Maui real estate investment but want something a little less reliant on the Hawaii tourism industry? We have hand-picked hotel-condo resorts that allow long term lease rentals over overcrowded vacation getaways!

Real Estate Glossary

Finding yourself asking questions like, “What is the difference between fee simple or leasehold?” This real estate glossary provides definitions for typical real estate jargon that you will find on luxury property listings, as well as some terms used only here in Hawaii that might get brought up in some conversations with your Maui realtor

Real Estate Market Trends

Understanding when is the best time to buy or sell is crucial to maximizing your investment and getting more bang for your buck! Which is why getting a good idea of the trends in the Maui real estate market is always highly recommended. 

Current events will always influence today’s market. Stay up-to-date with what is going on with this year’s real estate market and determine if it is better for you to sit on your home for sale or jump at the opportunity of buying a new property.

Hawaii Webcams

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so video has got to be worth a million! If you want to get a better look at what your tropical view might look like at all hours of the day, check out our live Hawaii webcams. The webcams are situated at featured properties currently available for sale, making it easy to imagine what life would look like with your home or condo purchase.

Maui Real Estate Connection

From local activities to featured properties, we are talking about it all over on our real estate blog! As professionals with years of experience and current Maui residents, we are dishing out some helpful island information weekly.

Information overload? If you are a little unsure how to process all the Maui real estate information available for you to comb through, our team of experts can make the process a lot easier for you! Simply contact us and one of our members will help guide you through your real estate search.