Creating Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers on Maui


April 17, 2009

The “Ask for the Best” team at Whalers Realty is excited by a market that is providing opportunities for buyers and sellers who are looking for value and luxury. Maui is a location that remains a world-class destination with strong international appeal.

Commenting on the opportunities in today’s market, Bob Cartwright, R® (B), CRB, the Principal Broker and co-owner, along with Tess Cartwright, of Whalers Realty said, “This is a terrific opportunity for people that were priced out of the over heated market we were in previously—housing prices and interest rates are down at the same time. I have never experienced both of these elements present at the same time in my 30+ years in the real estate business.”

Hank Quayle, R® (Broker), points out that, “…people don’t buy real estate on Maui because they need to – they do so because they want to.” That desire to live on Maui makes working at Whalers a new experience every day. “No two days are alike in this business and that keeps me excited about the real estate industry,” said Derek Escalera, R® (Broker), GRI. “The one constant lesson I have been taught is to suit up and show up because you never know what new adventure each day will bring.”

Susan DeLoria R® (S), ABR, e-Pro, RECS, will tell you she loves what she does and she is straightforward in planning for success in her Whalers Realty career. “Working hard and being flexible is critical; be open to learning new ways to promote, advertise and market your properties,” she said, adding, “Life is a cycle and the market is a cycle…we need to remember and learn from this market in order to be ready for when the market starts to turn, and it will.”

Many have said that real estate is strongest when it emphasizes the basics of customer service and customer care. Christine Hansel R® (B), General Sales Manager and Broker-In-Charge agrees, noting that, “…patience, integrity, and perseverance are the foundation of a successful career in the real estate industry.” Nancy Montoya, R® (Broker), ABR, shares the Whalers Realty commitment to service. “My lessons learned from being in the real estate business are to be friendly, smile, listen and always put the client first. We live in a beautiful spot and I love sharing it with others!”

Whalers Realty maintains three professional sales office locations on Maui. They are located at Whalers Village, The Fairway Shops at Kaanapali and at the Kaanapali Shores. Whalers Realty also maintains an international sales center at Lanikeha, an upscale subdivision of custom luxury homes located in Kaanapali Golf Estates.

For information on how to make your next real estate purchase or to upgrade your real estate portfolio, “Ask for the Best” and call the real estate professionals of Whalers Realty at (808) 661-8777, Toll Free (800) 367-5632 or visit their website,


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