Improvements at Kaanapali Golf Estates


September 2, 2016

If you’re in the market for West Maui real estate and you haven’t had a look at the Kaanapali Golf Estates, you might want to explore some of those listings. Not only will you find regal homes with sweeping ocean views and impeccable landscaping, you will also find a proactive community of homeowners that took control of the management board and work continuously to improve the Association’s administration and reduce operating costs, along with associated fees.

The homeowners of KGE took control of the board back in January of 2013, and have made some big and beneficial changes since then. There were four changes that made a particularly substantial impact. First, the KGE office was originally managed by 3 personnel, and has been reduced to 1.5 persons by maximizing the efficiency and organization of the management process. Second, the Board switched to landscape contractors with better practices and improved irrigation management, which saved nearly $35,000 per year. Third, the Board discontinued the lease of a company car for the General Manager, slashing the budget by another $5,000 per year. Fourth and lastly, the previous fiscal management company was terminated in favor of Destination Maui, Inc., which has since demonstrated a much higher quality of professionalism, integrity and expertise.

One of the more recent efforts is moving the board’s office to a space that’s half the size and half the price, which is currently underway. The new office is located in Lahaina at 727 Wainee Street, next to the Maui Jim building. 

If you’re an owner, you have decision making power in the community, especially where the board is run by owners. It’s in everyone’s best interest to enhance the quality and reduce the cost of running the community, which are the ultimate goals of the board.

If you’d like to learn more about this exceptional West Maui residential community, we would be happy to answer your questions and set up a viewing if you want to see a listing. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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