Our Top Ten Reasons to Live on Maui Part II


August 10, 2012

If you read our blog last week, you saw our first five reasons to live on Maui, for those who are debating whether to move to the island or plunge into a Maui real estate purchase. Here is the second half of our list!

6. Stars! We’re not talking celebrities, although they make frequent appearances. We are referring to one of the clearest views of the night sky in the world. The summit of Haleakala is one of just a couple of places on Earth where you get the clearest possible view of the cosmos. The lack of air pollution and light pollution on Maui will provide you with mind blowing night sights. In the case of Haleakala, factor in the 10,023 foot elevation and you’ll understand why the observatories are so important to the scientific community. To top it off, shooting stars are downright common.

7. Healthy Lifestyle! Not only does living on Maui promote a more physical lifestyle than other states, with so many activities to choose from, such as hiking, biking, swimming, and surfing, but the clean environment is healthier whether you are sedentary or not. The air blown in by the trades is some of the cleanest you can find, since the distance from the nearest smoggy cities is vast.

8. Jungles of Hana! East Maui boasts lush jungles that blanket the slopes of Haleakala in green, and this vast acreage is punctuated by cascading waterfalls and pristine pools that beckon you to visit again and again. Mangoes, guava and liliquoi grow wild and you can literally pick them off the trees or vines on the side of the road and know that they are organic, from natural soil. The air is filled with their scent, along with that distinctly natural smell of the jungle.

9. Country Paniolo Culture! Ranching has deep roots on Maui, believe it or not. There are always trail rides and rodeos to enjoy, and a variety of equestrian events in both Western and English riding styles that participants take very seriously! For the spectators, it’s a lot of fun, and when the county fair comes around, you get to see all the amazing livestock raised on Maui.

10. Rainbows! Yep, rainbows deserve a spot on the list. Apparently, it’s not enough to live on a tropical island surrounded by sparkling ocean with towering jungle waterfalls and flaming sunsets, we also need a few rainbows over the scene to top it off! Yes, it’s excessive, but it’s also natural. We didn’t design it, it just happened that way, and we’re very glad it did. Live on Maui, and you’ll get used to seeing rainbows. Even doubles don’t warrant a double-take from long time residents. They only get excited when there’s a triple!

That concludes our top ten reasons to live on Maui! We consider ourselves very lucky to call Maui home, as do the vast majority of residents, especially if they grew up elsewhere. Thanks for reading! If you need any assistance with real estate interests, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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