Clean Water Another Benefit to Living on Maui


July 17, 2015

Health concerns are a major consideration among prospective home owners, especially if they’re making a move to a new state, like Hawaii. That’s why the recent Maui County 17th annual Water Quality Report stood out when it highlighted the excellent quality of Maui’s drinking water. In light of the report, Maui County Department of Water Supply Director, David Taylor, emphasized that not only is our water quality far above the standards that regulations require, but it has been so consistently over the years.

In a world where people are so obsessive about their diet, it can be easy to forget the importance of clean, healthy drinking water, which plays a vital role in living a healthy life. While the benefits of living on Maui seem to go on forever, the simple attribute of unusually clean water actually stands out.

But what makes Maui water so clean? According to Taylor, about 80 percent of our water comes from groundwater, most of which is taken from sources located upstream from human use like housing and agricultural land. This is difficult to find in some areas of the mainland, or downright impossible in other areas.

The report thoroughly discussed the sources of “contaminants,” many of which are naturally occurring and come from deposits released by erosion, such as barium and chromium. The island’s nitrates can come from human sources like fertilizer, but can come from natural sources as well.

If you want to learn more about the Maui County Water Reports, you can do so on the Maui County website. This way, you can see the water reports for various locations around Maui, depending on where you want to move or buy real estate. As the report emphasizes, it’s important to remember that perfectly pure water requires distilling, which may not taste as good. There are also trace elements and minerals in non-distilled water that are natural and healthy. Even though drinking water always contains some kinds of contaminants, many are present at extremely low levels, to the point where some are barely detectable.

Overall, this report is yet another triumph for Maui. If you have any questions regarding your real estate search, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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