Hot Hawaii Time Intervals for Sale at The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach


May 18, 2018

If you’re daydreaming about your next Hawaii vacation home and are exploring what island in Hawaii will be the best place for you to put down roots then look no further than Maui. Maui is home to a plethora of exciting outdoor adventure activities, world-class famous restaurants, boat tours, shopping and more. And no place embodies that better than The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach.

In the heart of the Kaanapali Resort, this special ownership program provides you with a unique opportunity to purchase your next piece of paradise for a specific amount of time by individual owners at a reasonable price. Unlike other “timeshare” properties, with the Whaler Time Interval Ownership Program, you can purchase two and three week intervals at a time, have deeded ownership with leasehold and fee simple options (so you in fact own a piece of the property and not just a block of time) and these intervals can even be mortgaged and the value of the interval can increase as demand increases. Plus, you have a guaranteed fixed set date range in the condo you purchase every year. Why waste money on a Maui vacation rental when you could purchase your own time interval condominium?

And while the deal is sweet, it’s really the location that makes this place worth investing in. The Whaler is located at The Kaanapali Parkway, which is in between two Kaanapali golf courses. If you consider looking into one of these special deals, you’ll be situated right next to Whalers Village where there’s plenty of incredible shopping to indulge in. You’ll also be right on Kaanapali Beach where you’ll have access to pristine ocean views, snorkeling and diving activities right at your fingertips. This area is alive with so much fun and excitement that  you’ll never have a dull moment here.

We have many time interval ownership options available at The Whaler, all of which offer convenient check-in and friendly service. Almost all of those units have recently been remodeled within the past five years and come complete with a comfortable living area, full kitchen, and furnished bedrooms. While most of the TIO units available for sale are similar in aesthetics, there are several different units available that are unique in their style and decor. This includes units 101, 756, 760, 901 and 1219. Ask one of our representatives about these spots to learn more. Contact us today and let us know what unit you’re interested in exploring.

And don’t let us forget about the perks! The amenities at The Whaler include access to a beauty salon and spa, a new health club with brand-new equipment and a sauna, two newly rebuilt tennis courts, oceanside pool and hot spa, and two BBQ facilities. Condo apartments have fully equipped kitchens, central air conditioning, free wi-fi internet, and high definition cable tv.

View photographs of the property, explore what current time interval listings are available and learn more about ownershipLearn about our company in our about us section and trust us to help you get into your next home on Maui. See you soon and welcome to Maui!

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