Maui Company to Sell Energy Storage Systems to Consumers


June 30, 2017

As Hawaii pushes steadily toward its goal of 100% renewable energy, residents continue to invest in their own renewable systems, while Maui continues to lead through innovation. HiVE Energy Systems is an exciting example, having developed a powerful energy storage system for both commercial and residential consumers. This system has the capacity to store one full day of energy needs.

Solar photovoltaic systems are common among Maui homes, condos, and commercial buildings, especially in the sunnier parts, like South and West Maui. When the sun is shining, these systems save consumers money on their electric bill, and any excess energy goes to the grid unless they have a storage system.

HiVE’s battery storage system was designed precisely for the purpose of storing excess energy generated by solar. Being that the storage capacity includes a full day of stored energy, the company asserts that the system will allow customers to eliminate their monthly electric bills entirely. That is assuming the solar PV system is in good working order, of course.

The company has officially begun installing residential systems here on Maui, now that it has the proper approvals, and has installed its first commercial storage system as well. It’s worth noting that their storage system doesn’t just work with solar, but also with wind energy, or any other kind of renewable energy system.

The challenge with renewable energy is that it fluctuates. The sun isn’t always shining and the wind isn’t always blowing, but this system holds 500 kilowatt hours. According to HiVE, when coupled with a 140-kilowatt PV system, natural fluctuations wouldn’t be an issue. Of course there are always exceptions, but as long as the customer’s energy consumption isn’t abnormally high, the system should be ideal.

If you’re searching for Maui real estate, you’ll discover that solar PV systems are common. If you’re interested in lower electricity bills, you can always factor it into your search for Maui real estate. If you need our assistance, we would be delighted to help you through every step of the process. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page if you need us. Mahalo!

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