Moving to Maui Part II


July 15, 2011

If you read our last blog, we covered the kinds of supplies you would need to keep your move to Maui smooth, along with some other tips and ideas for streamlining the process. Here is some more advice to help make things easier:

Enlist others to help you! How many people do you know who have thrown out their back lifting furniture that was too heavy with too few people! Think of how much pain and medical expense you will save if you just make sure you have people to assist you as you go through the possibly strenuous process of moving! Things move much more quickly when others are around to help out. Do you have friends or family you can ask? Older neighborhood kids looking for a little extra money that you could give them in exchange for a day of work? Don’t break your back!

Got pets? Be aware of Hawaii’s quarantine laws, which have managed to successfully keep rabies out of our wonderful state. The laws may seem strict, but at least you can rest easy knowing rabies doesn’t exist here, like the rest of us do! You can learn more details about Hawaii’s quarantine laws at the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture website.

In the last blog, we mentioned packing cleaning supplies last. That is because when you are through clearing out of your old residence, you may be able to save yourself some expense if you are in a rental agreement. The more thorough your cleaning job, the more likely you are to bypass those cleaning fees that the landlord or owner would otherwise have to charge. Find out ahead of time if they plan to hire professional cleaners regardless of the condition of the place. If so, you can save yourself the trouble. After all, by the time you’ve packed everything, you’ve done enough work!

On the other hand, if you own the house you are moving out of, cleaning the place spotless is even more crucial. A nice and spotless home is going to improve the perceived value of the property to the potential buyers, with whom the price will be negotiated. And if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, you should certainly hire professional cleaners if at all possible.

Well that’s about it for our blogs on moving to Maui! If you are still on the hunt for the perfect Maui home to move into, browse our website for countless wonderful listings. If you have a specific criteria in mind as to what you are looking for, try our handy Maui real estate search tool. This week, we recommend taking a look at the wonderful new Maui development at Lanikeha.

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