Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps Maui Activities


July 29, 2011

The Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps (HYCC) has been busy coordinating the efforts of students over the summer. A story recently came up in the Maui News highlighting the work of a 16-year old girl who spent her time on restoration efforts in Piiholo, including the removal of invasive species from the area around a native aalii shrub.

The student was assisting the DeBolt Gardens Foundation, which is dealing with encroaching eucalyptus, which turns the soil acidic, and pines, which slow the growth of the aalii.

The HYCC just completed their six-week summer service learning program, which was designed to help students make a difference by working with numerous organizations around Hawaii. Each week, the student gets to work with a different organization. That’s a really great way to broaden their experience so they are familiar with the way that many different organizations function while also doing various services for the community.

The youth interviewed shared a positive attitude and sense of satisfaction toward their efforts. Within the field of nature resource management, the HYCC intends to help them further cultivate teamwork and a sense of leadership in participating students while also educating them on Hawaii’s unique and precious environment.

If you know any students who would be interested in this kind of program, they range from high school sophomores to college sophomores with team leaders aged 21 and over. Participating youth even earn a $1000 stipend when they complete the program, thanks to the generosity of Aina Ulu of Kamehameha Schools and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among others. Team leaders earn an $3000 plus an extra $1000 educational award from AmeriCorps.

If you would like more information on the HYCC, visit www.kupuhawaii.org.

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