Moving to Maui Tips Part II


September 10, 2010

Our last blog included a list of important supplies you need for your move, some of which will save you money, such as newspaper instead of packing paper, and garbage bags for clothes instead of boxes. Here are a couple more tips to streamline your move.

Get help! Don’t be afraid to ask family members and friends to help you with the moving process. If there are twice as many people working on a task, it can be completed nearly twice as fast. If furniture needs to be moved, you definitely shouldn’t push yourself. Consider how many people you know who hurt their backs by overexerting themselves lifting heavy furniture. Don’t be one of these moving victims!

Get some older kids to help out. They can be tough to wrangle and organize, but they have a lot of energy. And you can reward them with thanks, or a little cash for their efforts.

In our last blog, we advised you not to pack your cleaning supplies. This is where they come in. Once your belongings are out and the space is empty, you will probably want to clean. If you are in a rental arrangement, you can often save yourself from some cleaning fees by doing it yourself, but you will need to be thorough. Scour the kitchen and bathrooms to get the tough residual grime out.

If you own the place you are moving out of, cleaning is even more important. Every nook and cranny should be spotless. If you can’t put in such a thorough job, definitely get professional cleaners in there to take care of anything you missed.

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