Moving to Maui Tips


September 3, 2010

Even moving to the next town over can be an arduous process if you aren’t prepared. And if you’re moving to Maui, you are moving overseas. It may seem daunting but there are steps you can take to make things smooth and less stressful. Of course it helps if you’ve found your Maui dream home and can’t wait to live in it, but that’s for another blog. As for this blog, it’s about supplies, supplies, supplies!

1. Pack your cleaning supplies last, if you are bringing any with you at all. Most of that is disposable and will come in handy when all your belongings are out of the way.

2. Have plenty of boxes and trash bags. Trash bags are especially ideal for moving clothes, in fact. There are a lot of things that won’t fit conveniently into boxes, and that’s where the trash bags come in. You can always use several, and secure them with twist-ties if needed. Although this obviously isn’t a good plan for breakable things! You may also want to consider color-coding your bags with ribbons, or using colored twist-ties.

3. Markers! While color-coded twist ties are great for bags, you’ll want color-coded markers for especially convenient box labeling. You could just go with black markers, but it’s very convenient if boxes are labeled with a color depending on where they are supposed to end up.

4. You need scissors, and a few pairs are a good idea if multiple people are packing.

5. Tape, tape and more tape. Those little wheels of it may have less than they seem. Get extra. It’s worth saving yourself more trips to the store when your time is best spent packing.

6. Newspaper is great for packing things that may be on the fragile side. Consider collecting plenty of it as soon as your decision to move is final. Usually a couple of weeks worth of newspapers is a pretty good start. Also, those styrofoam kernels are messy and “packing paper” can be expensive.

We’ll follow up with some extra tips on moving in our next blog. Mahalo for reading and we hope you find this information helpful!

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