New Maui Lanai Ferry Charter


January 10, 2014

Expeditions is the only ferry service from Maui to Lanai, and it looks like they are planning to add a new $2.7 million 149-passenger vessel to their fleet. Given all of Larry Ellisons interesting plans for development on Lanai, it will be nice to have a service to take residents and visitors back and forth. In fact, this should be exciting for Maui vacationers who can island-hop via boat rather than plane. The service will also be convenient for those who own a home on Maui, and a second property on Lanai.

Expeditions has been called upon to provide this service by Lanai residents and community leaders. Evidently, the construction community needs this service, as many of them are working on Lanai, but live on Maui. As Larry Ellison’s development plans are carried out, the demand for construction workers will only grow in the coming years.

The new two-story vessel they are planning to add will have wheelchair access, restrooms, and thresholds that can’t be met by the current three vessels they have in service.

Expeditions runs 70 scheduled voyages per week, and about two private ferry charters per month via three permitted vessels. The new vessel is expected to add new hires and create additional tax revenue for Hawaii and Maui County. If you’ve been wanting to visit Lanai, see the Expeditions website for their fares and travel times. Mahalo for reading this week! –

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