New Wind Turbines Will Provide Maui with Electricity


January 6, 2012

New Wind Turbines Will Provide Maui with Electricity

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The Auwahi wind project has been a subject of discussion for Maui residents since the proposal to build the 428-foot-tall wind turbines in Ulupalakua was approved by the Maui Planning Commission on November 8th of this year. Some residents were dismayed by the rumors that Maui would be fueling Oahu with our wind power, as part of the "Big Wind" project, but rest assured that the energy generated by the Auwahi wind project will benefit Maui alone.

In addition to installing the massive wind turbines, a 34.5-kilovolt power line (9-miles long), an interconnection substation, a construction access road, and a microwave communication tower will be built. An 11-megawatt grid battery system will be provided by A123 Systems. This battery is essential to storing wind energy and will help to stabilize the ever fluctuating power output generated by the turbines.

Maui Electric Company's 20-year contract to purchase power from Auwahi, was approved by the Public Utilities Commission. Once the $140 million wind project and the supportive grid battery have been constructed and the projects begin yielding results, the clean, pollution-free power will bolster the overall stability of Maui's electricity. The fruits of this project are not intended for Upcountry alone, but for the entire Valley Isle, from the green reaches of Hana to our beloved homes in West Maui.

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