Restoration of Lahaina Historical Sites


May 31, 2013

Thanks to the inspired and diligent efforts of the Lahaina Restoration Foundation, the Lahaina harbor front is looking better than ever. After nine months of public discussion meetings and combining efforts with county planners, this beautiful slice of Lahaina oceanfront property is in great shape.

The Foundation received a very welcome $50,000 grant from the county Planning Department, which they used to improve, beautify, and enhance recognition of Lahaina’s many historical sites in the harbor front area. Seeing as the town was once an old whaling port, they had a lot to work with, but a considerable effort was needed for them to achieve their goals.

Improvements included beautifying the harbor loading dock, adding pedestrian walkways on Canal Street, adding Hawaiian street names to street signs, and the restoration of the taro patch that was once cultivated by King Kamehameha III himself.

Via the many meetings held by the foundation, it was clear that the community believed not only in the beautifying of these areas, but in the honoring of ancient Hawaiian culture and tradition. Considering that Lahaina was the original capital of Hawaii, it’s safe to say that whatever remnants still exist from those days long past should be treasured and respected. The Foundation has done a great service to everyone who cares about ancient Hawaiian culture, not just those of us who live in West Maui or own Lahaina real estate.

If you appreciate their work, you may be interested in the “Celebrate Historic Lahaina” event that they will be holding on August 24th. They received another grant for $18,000 specifically for the event, which will highlight the work they have done at the harbor front, along with the grand opening of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Museum and Orientation at the Old Lahaina Courthouse. Mark your calendar, because it looks like it’s going to be a great event.

We hope you enjoy the work that has been done on the Lahaina harbor front! Visit for more information on their work, and to donate. –

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