Your Guide to Buying Luxury Island Real Estate in Maui


June 22, 2018

Are you a luxury home connoisseur or aspiring to be one? Are you someone who enjoys the thrill of purchasing a multi-million dollar mansion in a tropical paradise? Of course you are! And if you’re looking into what to expect from your luxury house purchase on Maui then please read on. Here are few helpful tips to keep in mind for your next high-end estate adventure in the islands.

For starters, if you’re eyeing the island of Maui, and the amazing Hawaii luxury homes for sale there for your next real estate purchase then you probably have an idea of why this Hawaiian paradise is a perfect location for your high-class desires. Hawaii is home to an array of luxury mansion estates owned by some of the world’s most famous and wealthiest people. Well-known celebrities such as Oprah, Steven Tyler, Sammy Hager and more have decided to make Maui their sweet tropical escape because of the island’s pristine blue waters, the incredible sightseeing opportunities throughout, and the laid-back aloha lifestyle. These reasons and more have attracted buyers worldwide and Maui is certainly gaining a reputation for being a dream luxury property market for the beau monde.

On the Valley Isle, there are many incredible properties that will provide you with everything you need to meet your heart’s desire for a luxury home purchase. This includes bountiful array of houses that are newly built or newly renovated that tend to incorporate things like spacious floor plans, infinity pools, luscious landscaping, ocean and mountain views, privacy, security, access to world-class resorts, and even high-tech details that are second to none. The superior craftsmanship and design of these homes are what make them unique and whether you’re the type of person who enjoys a life in the country or one with an ocean view (or even both), this island paradise has plenty of unique places to look into that will surely satisfy your needs.

While the idea of buying a Maui luxury home for sale is exciting, it may also seem a little daunting at times. Not to worry. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking into your luxury house on Maui. Enjoy!

High-End Condo vs. Mansion Estate
Maui has plenty of luxury homes for purchase but you’ll want to do your research first. You’ll need to reflect on whether or not you’re wanting to purchase a luxury condominium with all the modern-day amenities to meet your needs or if you’d prefer an 8,000 square foot home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, work out facilities and more. Whatever your need may be, it would be helpful to look into what kind of luxury home you envision yourself living in. This will help narrow your search and give you time to prepare for your meeting with a real estate agent. You may find that you would prefer a luxury condominium because it offers less maintenance and upkeep than a luxury home will. Some people see their purchase as a vacation property and therefore a condominium buy could eliminate the hassle of maintaining a full home during trips to the island. Others may find that it’s a luxury home that they’ve always dreamed of owning with plenty of landscaping, furniture, tall ceilings and spacious views to take in. Regardless of your taste, it’s important to decide what it is you’re looking for, what lifestyle you see yourself in, and what your price range might be.

Pick Your Community
Are you someone who loves the peace and quiet of the countryside or prefer a short walk to a from your beachfront home where you can kayak, whale watch and scuba dive at your leisure? Whatever your taste may be, you can certainly find it here on Maui. Maui has several communities where luxury homes can be found including Kula and the Upcountry area, Wailea, Kaanapali, Kapalua and more. Maui’s green rolling hillsides in the upcountry farmlands are perfect for those luxury real estate owners who love the sweet scents and sounds of the countryside. In contrast, South Maui and West Maui are great for those buyers who desire an extravagant lifestyle of championship golf, fine dining, convenient shopping and stunning ocean views from an oceanfront property. So before you start your luxury real estate search, try to really think about your lifestyle and where you see yourself enjoying living on Maui and then start your research in those communities that offer that type of culture.

Look First Then Buy
If you’ve spent the past few months scrolling through website after website featuring various luxury home purchases but haven’t found one you like then it might be time to take a trip to the island of Maui and visit some of these homes in person. Most luxury home purchases are best to investigate on-site so you can really get a sense of place. Website images and descriptions can only offer so much and to truly get the most out of your luxury home search you’ll definitely want to see some of these places firsthand. Make a list of some potential luxury homes you have been considering and then schedule a time to see them up close and personal. That way you can really get a feel for what home might be the best fit for you and your family.

Another high-tech and innovative alternative, if you can’t make the trip, is live Maui webcams from real estate properties. You can visit the views you could own, anytime of the day.

Find the Right Agent
This is key! Finding the right agent to represent you for your next luxury home purchase is essential to making this the most smooth, easy and exciting transaction of your life. It’s important to find a representative who will look out for your best interest and do all that they can to make sure your next luxury home is one to last and will give you an incredible return on investment. Maui has a selection of knowledgeable and trustworthy luxury real estate agents who can help you navigate your search. Do your homework first and make sure your agent is a right fit for what you need. Be upfront about what you’re looking for and make sure that agent embodies the spirit of kindness and aloha.

Those are some helpful tips for what to look out for and keep in mind during your luxury home search on Maui. Follow these tips and you’re sure to find your dream home here in this tropical paradise. Being smart with your money, investigating, and planning ahead will help you get the most out of your next luxury home purchase and quell any doubts you’ve been harboring. Take these tips to heart and you’re sure to feel confident and less overwhelmed during your luxury housing search. Happy hunting!

– Maui Luxury Real Estate Team

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