Month: September 2010


Hawaii Unemployment Down

According to the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Hawaii's initial unemployment claims dropped an impressive 9.3 percent for the week ending on September 4th compared to the same week last year. What does that look like as far as quantity?...

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Moving to Maui Tips Part II

Our last blog included a list of important supplies you need for your move, some of which will save you money, such as newspaper instead of packing paper, and garbage bags for clothes instead of boxes. Here are a couple more tips to streamline your move. Get...

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Moving to Maui Tips

Even moving to the next town over can be an arduous process if you aren't prepared. And if you're moving to Maui, you are moving overseas. It may seem daunting but there are steps you can take to make things smooth and less stressful. Of course it helps if you've...

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