Ambitious Maui Wastewater Recycling Goal


February 19, 2010

Maui’s Mayor, Charmaine Tavares, has requested that 100 percent of the island’s wastewater be reused. Viewing wastewater as a precious resource that can contribute to sustainability, the mayor has inspired members of the Wastewater Community Working Group (CWG) to begin strategizing on how to make it happen.

The CWG, which consists of 21 members, had their fourth monthly public meeting earlier this month in Wailuku. Last year they provided community-based recommendations to the county Department of Environmental Management on wastewater recycling.

The group is taking a practical and methodical approach, beginning with an analysis of the basic infrastructure of wastewater recycling. This is reassuring, considering how often we see complex issues dealt with in a rush by people who aren’t familiar with its most basic aspects. The CWG is also analyzing equipment and potential environmental effects. The group will meet for a year before making their recommendations, so they should be pretty well thought-out.

The budget process was discussed in a recent meeting by county Budget Director Frederick Pablo, Director of Finance Kalbert Young and County Capital Improvement Program Coordinator Wendy Taomoto.

At this point in time, Maui is recycling 22 percent of its wastewater according to David Taylor, Maui County Wastewater Division Chief. Taylor stated that the engineering aspects aren’t really an issue as far as this ambitious goal is concerned. Funding, however, is.

Hopefully the goal will be met with gains to employment on the island. It’s a step in the right direction as long as it’s affordable, and in the long run it certainly should be, considering that Maui is subject to minor droughts now and again.

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