Banyan Tree In Lahaina


August 16, 2008

A historical West Maui landmark, the Banyan tree was planted in Lahaina on April, 1873. The tree was brought to Lahaina from India when it was only 8 feet tall. A Maui sheriff named William O. Smith planted the tree at a service that marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of Lahaina’s first Christian mission. It provided a setting where workers from the local local sugar mills and pineapple fields could meet for both leisure and business. Over the years the Banyan tree has become the central point of Lahaina town, providing a backdrop for concerts, festivals, and celebrations. The tree has also grown immensely, now standing over 60 feet high with 12 major trunks encompassing an area of over area 200 feet, shading two thirds of an acre; making Lahaina’s Banyan tree one of the largest Indian Banyan trees in the world!

Being able to enjoy West Maui treasures like the Lahaina Banyan tree make living in a new Kaanapali condo or Lahaina home all the more wonderful!

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