Build Your Dream Hawaii Home in Kaanapali’s Lanikeha


June 18, 2021

When we think of Hawaii, we often associate it with the beach, the sun, and a relaxing vibe that come with living life in a tropical paradise. It’s the place that comes to mind when we think of getting away from our everyday responsibilities and the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s also where we feel we can be free to not just relax but to simply exist.

Indeed, isn’t it pleasant to think that there’s always that one place we can retreat to when we want to slow down, disconnect, and recharge? Well, you can stop dreaming and start living your vision by buying a property on Maui; enjoying every minute as you spend your waking hours mesmerized by the island scenery at your doorstep in beautiful Lanikeha.

Lanikeha, a thoughtfully designed residential community in the West Maui, is spread across more than 110 acres in the neighborhood of Hanakao’o.  Known for its gentle climate, proximity to some of the world’s best beaches, shopping, activities, and much more, this exclusive gated community is a sparkling gem in the crown that is Kaanapali!

Make 627 Anapuni Loop your Maui home!

Located at Lot 8 in Phase 2 of the Lanikeha subdivision,  627 Anapuni Loop is perched in the uppermost portion of Lanikeha; making it the best place to view Kaanapali, the islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i, and the breathtaking coastline of West Maui. If you’re looking for mountain and ocean views, this vacant lot is for you. It doesn’t matter if your house is facing north, south, west, or east; you will surely get an exciting view regardless of where you build your new home at 627 Anapuni Loop!

Easily accessible, 627 Anapuni Loop is cleared and ready for you to build your dream home. You can build a single-story, wide bungalow house and accentuate it with tropical-themed furniture, fixture, and interior. Or you could build a multi-story home that will provide you with the best views of all parts of the area. With the warm climate and proximity to the best West Maui beaches,  life feels like a summer vacation when you’re living in Lanikeha! 

What amenities will you enjoy in Lanikeha?

Another bright spot of this lot for sale is the amenities available at the clubhouse at Lanikeha. If you want to get a workout in, you can access the clubhouse’s exclusive fitness center. If you fancy a bit of sun and socialization, you can do so by sunbathing by the poolside while sipping on your favorite drink. The clubhouse’s infinity pool is not just refreshing but also a sight to behold. Enjoy a dip in its crystal clear water, and take in the miraculous Maui sunsets with your loved ones here, any day of the week! Not only that, but you can also challenge your friends and family members to a game of  pool at the clubhouse, or sit back and enjoy the feeling of relaxation in its “luxury living room.”

What other activities can you do here?

On Maui, there’s no need to wait for the weekend to go on a trip to enjoy the beach. Here, clear blue waters are just moments away from your home. You can even start your day walking or jogging around the neighborhood and end your exercise routine with a refreshing dip in the ocean. If you have kids, you can take them to the beach and let them enjoy the surf and sand when the mood strikes. And when the kids are tired from playing at the beach, you can tuck them safely in bed and enjoy a perfect date night while stargazing or watching the sunset by the shoreline.

Why is this Hawaii property a steal?

The fact that this property is on Maui is reason enough to build here. You can use it to build your family home, getaway home, or even your retirement home. When you want to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of metro living, it’s good to know that you have a place that allows you to enjoy nature in its pristine form. The island views and possibilities of the property for sale are more than enough reason to say that it’s reasonably priced. Because it doesn’t come pre-built, you can build your own home just the way you want it. Instead of spending your money on renovation, you can use it to make your dream property.


This Maui property for sale is an excellent investment because of the many benefits you will enjoy. It’s a safe place where you can raise your kids, bond with them over the holidays, or settle down after you retire. Regardless of your purpose, you will always find a great reason to live a life of luxury in Maui.


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