What Your Dream Maui Lifestyle Can Look Like at Kaanapali Villas


June 4, 2021

Ask someone to picture their dream place to live, and nine times out of ten, they’ll say Hawaii. And who can blame them? There are many reasons why Hawaii reigns supreme on the dream moving destinations lists: the gorgeous scenery and the laid-back aloha spirit will be reason enough for you to disconnect from your daily preoccupations and relax and unwind.

Introducing: Maui Kaanapali Villas for Sale

Centrally located within beautiful Kaanapali, the Maui Kaanapali Villas present a myriad of opportunities to live your dream life on Maui. Here they tell you to set your watch to “island time.” That means no deadlines, no projects, or business meetings — there is just you and the world making itself felt to you through its warmth of the sun, the sounds of the waves, and the calmness of the breeze.

If you’re ready to make the move, consider the Maui Kaanapali Villas A-610 (SOLD – View other luxury condos for sale in Maui). This luxurious West Maui real estate is a penthouse that sits on top of the Maui Kaanapali Villas, overlooking the opulent tropical gardens in one of the finest stretches in Kaanapali Beach. Blessed with both the island and ocean views, owners will enjoy a perfect vantage point to watch strikingly beautiful sunsets every day. Furnished with bamboo and rattan furniture throughout, A-610’s living area showcases Hawaii’s natural beauty and principles of sustainability. The mix of green and brown tones encourages a peaceful environment, emphasized by the warmth of sunshine streaming through enormous windows overlooking the ocean.

The earthy tones continue to the bedroom, arranged in a way that lets you wake up every morning to the sight of the beautiful blue skies and palm trees. The large windows on the opposite side of the room immediately bring radiant energy to the place, which is all you need to get your day started.

Outside the unit, you get access to a well-kept pool area, as well as a poolside cafe & bar. The natural, sustainable theme continues even to this area, with bamboo chairs and poolside umbrellas made of dried leaves. For that extra touch of comfort, the deluxe day spas in the garden cabins provide lovely massages.

Maui Kaanapali Villas brings the beauty of Hawaii right to your unit. So how do you secure this dream lifestyle in Kaanapali? By contacting your Maui Luxury Real Estate Team member of course!

Spending short vacation days in the Hawaiian islands will never do it justice. A place with as much charm and substance as Hawaii demands a longer and much more meaningful experience. Even when you start weighing your options, you’ll find that the pros outweigh the cons: life is simpler without the daily barrage of cars and traffic, adventure is always free with its mountains, waterfalls, and beaches, and because Hawaii has only one season, you’ll never have to worry about the pre-season preparation you have to do four times every year.

Its exotic scenes are often more than enough to convince someone to stay for good, but should you need more convincing, take a look below at the reasons why moving to one of the Hawaiian islands is probably the best decision you’ll ever make.

Why You Should Move To Maui, Hawaii

Maui, the second biggest Hawaiian island, does not fall short of embodying genuine Hawaiian hospitality. Maui has many historic towns, including the former whaling town of Lahaina and the always sunny Kaanapali. Both are on Maui’s western shore and host a bustling shopping and residential area with several hotels and condos.

In terms of strolling, shopping, and drinking, Kaanapali offers more shops and restaurants. The Kaanapali Beach coastline has several boutiques, outlets, and eateries that prepare specially prepared Hawaiian dishes. The beach always comes alive with the friendly interactions between long-term residents and visitors alike — as does Whalers Village; a shopping and dining center that comes alive with the bustle of those looking to enjoy some of the best that Hawaii has to offer.

As for wildlife appreciation, there is no other place on earth that can give you the majestic experience of witnessing North Pacific humpback whales than Maui. Whale watching and snorkel tours let you see the humpback whales annually when they migrate to the North Pacific Ocean.

For the thrill-seekers out there, parasailing is a must-try ocean adventure in West Maui. Strap in and enjoy the view as you discover a glimpse of what the West Maui coastline looks like from your very own bird’s eye view. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the opportunity to take part in these amazing experiences every day of the year? If it’s starting to sound like you should move to the Hawaiian islands for good, then we’ve got just the perfect thing for you.

Hawaii’s beaches are some of the most breathtaking in the world. If you’re more of an adventurous traveler, there are plenty more picturesque locations that pose a bit of a challenge. Its majestic waterfalls are just as celebrated for their lush rainforest environment and the short and easy hikes you have to do before getting there.

What makes the Hawaiian experience even more fulfilling is the locals’ hospitality. The Aloha spirit ingrained in its people enriches this spectacular locale. Tourists are always talking about the kind of energy in the air that they can’t put their finger on, and it’s the way the native Hawaiians live, breathe, and love with the Aloha spirit. It uplifts the values of collectivity and community by encouraging that everyone must cultivate good energy within themselves and others. We are a community that uplifts and nurtures. We hope you consider making Maui your home and becoming part of our community!


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