Discover Some of the Best Hiking Spots in Maui


July 30, 2021

With a landscape as stunning as Maui‘s, you want to get a good view to enjoy it in its full glory. One of the best ways to do this is to hike up one of the island’s many wonderful trails. Hiking on Maui is an adventure that gives you one-of-a-kind sights and discoveries as a reward. If you are looking for challenging trails with exquisite views, Maui is the place for you. Here is a list of top hiking spots to try after moving into your new home in West Maui.

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Dragon’s Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth Trail at Makaluapuna Point is only a 0.5-mile round trip hike. Since it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the end, this trail is easy and perfect for those who do not want to test out how strong their knees are. Despite its short length, visitors are still rewarded with amazing ocean views and fascinating rock formations that resemble dragon’s teeth. This site is a result of the last lava flows on Maui. As the West Maui volcano released lava into the ocean, the strong ocean waves and wind forced it back and cooled it into a unique formation. That is why the edges of the trail have jagged points that look like dragon’s teeth. As you hike this trail from the free public parking at the end of office road, watch out for a sign of an ancient Hawaiian burial ground and show the utmost respect.

Kaanapali Coastal Walk

If you’re a fan of coastal hikes, another destination you should consider visiting in West Maui is the Kaanapali Coastal Walk. This hiking spot is the perfect option for families who want an easy stroll with their young children. This 4.4-mile round trip trail is paved and has a relatively small elevation gain of about 39.4 feet. Beginning at Hanakaoo Beach Park, the path follows the coast and heads north towards the Honua Kai Resort. There are various establishments along the trail, so you and your family can take a quick break anytime and stop for a drink or snack. As you traverse the path, you will also see some of Kaanapali’s world-class resorts, including The Mahana, Maui Kaanapali Villas, and The Whaler.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

If you want to enjoy another fantastic view of the ocean without a difficult climb, the Kapalua Coastal Trail offers the best coastal walk in Maui. This 1.75-mile path is an easy to moderate hike that’s part paved, part dirt, and lots of rocks. Starting from the southern trail head at Kapalua Beach, this hiking spot wraps around the rugged coastline of West Maui. The path will take you past Oneloa Bay, the Ritz-Carlton, and ends at D.T. Fleming Beach. When hiking this famous trail, you will get to enjoy unencumbered grand views of the neighboring islands of Molokai and Lanai. You will also see delightful visuals such as luxurious million-dollar vistas, verdant golf courses, and even seabird eggs tucked into volcanic outcroppings.

Kapalua Village Walking Trails

Another popular hiking spot in Kapalua is the Kapalua Village Walking Trails. This trip will take you to the remains of an old golf course that is now overrun with natural vegetation. Hikers of all skill levels will have lots of fun on this hike since there is a range of difficulties on the old paths once primarily traversed by golf carts. You can weave your way through a 1.25-mile Cardio Loop or climb uphill by following a 3.6-mile Lake Loop. Along with fat-burning workouts, this famous trail also offers sweeping views of the ocean. Hikers can enjoy mesmerizing views of Molokai as well as the area around Honolua Bay.


Waihee Ridge Trail

If it is a challenge you’re looking for, then the Waihee Ridge Trail is for you. This hiking spot is one of the most popular trails on the island and for a good reason. Despite being only 2.5 miles, this hiking trail is an endurance test even for experienced hikers since it has an elevation change of more than 1,500 feet. As you puff and pant on the climb uphill, you can expect plenty of good views. The journey is worth the sweat as you reach the top of the trail. Once you’re at the peak, you will be greeted by panoramic views in every direction. You will get to experience jaw-dropping scenery overlooking Waihee Valley, the Pacific Ocean, Makamakaole Falls, and even a glimpse of the neighboring island of Lanai.

Nakalele Point and Blowhole

This 1.2-mile trail is a short, rugged hike packed with plenty of mesmerizing scenery, fascinating geology, and utter fun. As you climb down the cliff trail, you will catch sight of West Maui’s gorgeous coastline, the blue Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian wildflowers, and one of the island’s natural blowholes. There are several different paths to explore, but they all lead to the Nakalele Blowhole. It is crucial to maintain a safe distance and be careful of slippery surfaces since the blowhole is dangerous and unpredictable. Although the 3-foot diameter hole is the main attraction of this site, exploring the Nakalele Point trail further will take you through an alien-like landscape, where you will find wild and colorful eroded rock formations that make for an Instagram-worthy background.

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There is more to Maui than its world-renowned beaches. The western part of the island also has some of nature’s most grand creations and majestic views waiting for you to explore. One of the best ways to ensure you maximize your residency on Maui is to get out, hike, and immerse yourself in its beauty. These hiking spots offer an adventure for all skill levels while giving you the lay of the land in West Maui. Be sure to add these destinations to your everyday itinerary for some memorable experiences.

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