Lahaina Restoration Foundation Scholarships


March 15, 2013

We have talked about the Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s efforts to maintain and restore historical sites in the past, but they have recently received recognition for other generous choices they have made to benefit the West Maui community. Specifically, they have awarded numerous scholarships to Lahainaluna High School seniors and alumni for the past ten years and more.

Thanks to a large donation made by an anonymous donor, this year, they will be awarding $35,000 in increments of $200-$2,500 to six alumni and 11 graduating seniors. The scholarships have yet to be awarded, and the seniors and alumni who are interested in receiving these funds will be writing essays on preserving West Maui’s culture and history.

This wonderful non-profit organization was chartered in 1962, and has since provided invaluable services to the West Maui community by working to keep Hawaiian culture strong. Their efforts to maintain and restore historical sites and to preserve artifacts have not only provided residents with enriching, educational experiences, but they have also helped those on vacation in West Maui understand things about Hawaiian culture and Maui history that they wouldn’t have otherwise known. We’re sure that they have also inspired some of those visitors to move to West Maui permanently, with the help of the area’s natural beauty and other charms.

At this point, they maintain 11 major historic structures in Lahaina. They have also been a member of the Lahaina Interpretive Planning Team, and they are in possession of several collections of artifacts, manuscripts, maps, photographs, logs, and other materials that are a part of Lahaina’s rich history.

We hope their organization continues to thrive, helping to make West Maui all that it can be! Mahalo!

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