Lanai Juice Bar Expanding to Lahaina


May 2, 2014

The Lanai juice bar that Larry Ellison praised has been open less than a year, and is already expanding. They couldn’t have picked a better spot than their prime Lahaina property on Front street. Anuenue Juice Bar & Cafe, which is owned by Tammy Ringbauer, will be unveiled in May.

It’s good to hear the news transitioning from the closing of businesses during the recession to success stories like these, that allow for expansion and prosperity. Front Street Lahaina is a vibrant, busy place, and with any luck, this new Hawaiian company will thrive and provide many of us Maui residents with a new favorite spot. These kinds of developments are yet another reason why it’s great to live in West Maui.

According to Ringbauer, the Lanai location is busy, but running smoothly. It sounds like they have some devoted regulars, which is encouraging. If you’d like to check out the new place, there will be a soft opening on May 1st and a grand opening on June 1st. The menu will be the same as their Lanai location, including cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies made to order, as well as power shots and acai bowls.

Ringbauer is a massage therapist at the Manele Bay spa, and she’s considering expanding to Oahu next. Evidently, her business is appealing enough to attract even the wealthiest clientele, including Larry Ellison himself, who visited the juice bar with several of his friends late last year. – By Robert J. Cartwright, Principal Broker

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